Thursday, August 2, 2012


I can't believe it's already August! Where did July go? All my coworkers
and I agreed that doing summer school made July go by really fast.

Things I am loving about it being August:

1. The Olympics! I posted on Facebook that it makes me want to run another marathon! I am really loving the gymnastics though. It has always been my favorite, and I love love love team USA's leotards. So glad they won the gold too!

2. As of today I am officially a stay at home mommy! I don't know if I've mentioned it on here but I am going to be staying home with the baby. I did summer school and now that it's over I'm done. I would have loved to work up until the baby came but I didn't think it would be fair to the students and teachers to be there for 2 months then leave and make everyone transition in the middle of the school year. So now my new job title is officially mommy, so exciting!

3. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my grandma's passing. It's hard to believe it's been 3 years already. I wish she could be here to meet her great granddaughter. (I guess that isn't something I love about August but it's apart of it for me.)

4. I am almost done with the second trimester, and in August I will start my third. This pregnancy is going by so fast! While I am not looking forward to getting even bigger, I'm happy that she is growing and it's getting even closer till we meet her.

5. My goal for August is to finish the nursery. I'm pretty sure we can get it all done by then. Almost done painting the furniture and then the only big thing left is the crib. It's been fun putting it together but I'm ready to have it finished.

So I am really looking forward to August, it's gonna be a great month!

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Melissa said...

I used to be a teacher too! My son was due in June 2011, so left the end of May thinking I'd have at least 2 weeks off before he was born. I left on a Friday and had Landon in my arms the following Friday morning lol :)