Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Melted Crayon Artwork

I recently saw all these cute pictures of melted crayon artwork on pinterest. I thought they were so cute and it looked pretty easy and inexpensive, so I decided to try one for the nursery. 

I bought 5 packs of crayons at Target (a bunch of little ones so I could get lots of greens and some yellows) and some cute flowers at Hobby Lobby. I already had the canvas and a hot glue gun, so this whole project only cost me $8. 

This was super easy. I just glued the crayons onto the canvas in the order I wanted them, then took a hairdryer and after a couple minutes they started to melt. I tipped the canvas downward to make the wax move down the canvas. I glued the flowers on and I was done!

I love how it turned out, with the different color waxes melting together. Although it does break some design rules about art (putting it smack dab in the middle) but it works for this piece. Click Here for more details on how to make this. 

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