Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday Night Ramblings

The nursery is coming along. Finally finished the dresser and nighstand. I am so happy to be done with that! It def. took longer than I thought it would. But I love the way it looks. Just needs the rest of the hardware on it. I will take a picture and post soon! I just ordered this print off Etsy and I'm really excited about it.
I had added this to my favorites a long time before I was even pregnant after seeing it on a blog. But I knew if I ever had a little girl I would want this in her room.

I am loving all the fall things people are posting on pinterest. I am always ready for the next season and I am really looking forward to autumn.
I really want to make this for our front porch! Maybe one with baby's monogram?!

With that said I can't believe this fall I will have a baby! I am ready for the cooler weather and pumpkin...yum! But I am not ready for this baby to come quite yet!

Not much else for this post.....I am off to bed!

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