Sunday, October 21, 2012

37 Weeks......Full Term!

How Far Along: 37 Weeks, she is officially full term! From now on she is just putting on weight!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of a winter melon. We had the ultrasound Friday because they were afraid she might be too small, but like before she was fine. They said she weighed 6 lb 8 oz! I couldn't believe how big she was, although they said the machines most of the time over estimate and she is probably around 6 lb 3 oz. 

Weight Gain: 25 lbs. I was concerned because I haven't gained any weight this past week, but my Dr. said it's fine because she is still growing. I was so happy to hear that. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes that a friend gave me that were too big for me earlier on in pregnancy are now fitting me just fine now. 

Gender: We confirmed at the ultrasound that it's still a girl, which is good because there is so much pink! 

Movement: Lots of movement at night, not so much during the day. I've noticed when I'm laying down she moves more. It was so funny during the ultrasound because the tech was trying to get measurements and she kept moving, but as soon as I stood up after she stopped. 

Sleep: Sleep this past week was rough. I was so worried about the doctor's appointment that I had trouble relaxing enough to sleep. Looking forward to getting some better sleep this week. 

Symptoms: She has moved down, which is good because that means she is getting ready to come! But walking is getting harder, I am def. slowing down. Although heartburn isn't as bad as it was before. 

I haven't dilated anymore, which I was kinda disappointed about. I am feeling cramping and it's higher up than before.

My hands have started to swell, so I took off my wedding and engagements rings. They still fit but they were getting uncomfortable, so I put them on a  necklace to wear. It feels so weird not having them on!

I am happy to say my urinary tract infection is gone!

Food Cravings: Mexican and ice cream, although this week I didn't have much of an appetite. 

What I Miss: Being able to plan things. I still make plans but I am always thinking, well if the baby comes we won't be able to go, but oh well. I am also ready to not have this huge belly anymore.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Meeting her hopefully sooner than later! I wish I knew when I was gonna go into labor, but just knowing it's coming soon is still exciting. 

Best Moment This Week: Without a doubt my doctor saying she is a good weight and everything is fine. I was just relieved.



Melissa said...

Cute! You're so close!!! Glad she is growing and doing well! ;)

I'm impressed your wedding rings fit this long! Mine were off in April and I had Landon in the beginning of June lol

emily @ cabin fervor said...

I haven't been reading any blogs lately, so I didn't realize you were expecting. How EXCITING!!! I hope your last few weeks treat you well.