Monday, October 22, 2012


Around here lately..................
I've been busy preparing for our new arrival! I finally washed all her clothes, blankets, sheets, everything she will be using. The swing is set up, car seat installed and pack n' play is ready to go. I am waiting for one more thing for the nursery then I will post pictures. 

Betty is loving the new changing pad and cover. When I put the changing pad up on the dresser she wasn't too interested in it. I finally got the cover for it, and this is def. her new favorite place. It's really funny how much time she spends up there, but I'm thinking when baby comes she won't be enjoying it as much. Ha!

I've been enjoying the leaves changing colors. I wish we could have made it up to Carter's Mountain to pick apples or go hiking around the blue ridge but I'm afraid to go too far now. It's still beautiful here in Richmond though. I love the fall. 

We've been going on lots of long walks. I am determined to stay active up until I go into labor. I know this will make it so much easier and quicker. I am slowing down, but we've still been going around 2.5 miles each time, so I'm happy with that. 

Waiting for signs of labor! Every cramp or braxton hick contraction I get I wonder if it's really time. So far it hasn't been labor, but I think I am finally ready for it soon. My mom went a week early with all 3 of us so I'm hoping she will come early too. 

Me and Clarke have enjoyed a lot of time together just the two of us. Dinner dates out and watching movies at home. I know when she comes this will be harder so we are trying to soak up as much of it now as we can.

I've been enjoying lunch dates with friends and my mom a lot these past few weeks. Once again, when she comes this won't be as easy so I'm all about enjoying it while I can!


Melissa said...

Staying active is great and just might put you into labor! :) I never got it until it happened to me, but everyone told me when I was in labor, I'd know it, and that was true. I did have the obvious water breaking lol, but I would have known based on the contractions anyway. They're no joke. Can't wait to see the nursery!

melissa said...

congratulations on the soon-to-be arrival of your first little one. motherhood is an amazing journey! enjoy this time of slowness:)