Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monument Avenue 10k 2013

Yesterday I got to run my first race post baby, and it was fabulous! The Monument Avenue 10k is such a big deal around here, over 40 thousand, yes thousand people participate every year. This is the race that got me addicted to running 2 years ago. 
I ran with my favorite running buddy Emily, we did really great this year! Chloe did not run with us, I couldn't get her to look at the camera either, she was just interested in eating then. (She has decided no more bottle, I pumped before the race and she wanted to hold out until afterwards for me, oh well.)
I did get her a 10k onesie at the expo, I couldn't resist. So cute!
My family came out to cheer me on, which is always great. Afterwards we all went to Tarrant's for brunch, which is always yummy. Today I am definitely feeling like I ran a race though, I didn't train like I normally do. But it was so much fun the soreness is so worth it! 

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