Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day and Baby Dedication

I am finally getting around to posting about my first Mother's Day, but it was really special. We had baby dedications at church, and Chloe got dedicated.
Chloe wore the same gown that my mom and her brother and sister wore,  all my cousins, my brothers and myself wore as well. She was the third generation to wear this! I am happy to say no spit up or anything got on it!
After church we went to Aunt Melanie's for a celebration. Chloe was over being in that dress, and she missed her morning nap so I didn't get that many good pictures. Oh well.
As you can see in this picture she is done! 

I definitely felt so loved on my first Mother's Day. I got so many sweet cards from friends and family, and it just made me so thankful that I get to be Chloe's mommy. I remember last year on Mother's Day I was anticipating becoming a mom, and now I am! It's such a great feeling and I am thankful I got to spend it with so many wonderful friends and family. 

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