Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trip South: Part 1

This past Thursday I left with my mom and Chloe for a road trip. We went to Winston-Salem, Georgia for my cousin's high school graduation and spent a night in Greenville. We really packed a lot into this trip, and I must say Chloe did a great job with traveling!
Our first stop was in our future home, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My mom had never been so I got to show her around some. I also had to look at rentals, which was not fun at all but I found a cute house for us to rent for 6 months so it was a success. Chloe loved spending so much time with her grandma, here they are at a cute shopping center we stopped at.
Friday afternoon we left North Carolina for Georgia. I downloaded some apps for Chloe on my mom's iPad and she absolutely loved playing with it on the ride down. It was a great way for her to pass the time in the car, we may need to invest in one!
We woke up early Saturday morning for my cousin's high school graduation. I must say I feel so old because I remember when he was Chloe's age and now he is graduating! The ceremony was really nice and it was so good to see all my extended family.
They live in western Georgia which is really pretty. Got to see some mountains too!
I'm glad we got this picture, 4 generations!
I love that so many of my family members got to meet Chloe for the first time. We just spent all day Saturday catching up and visiting.
Chloe loved my aunt and uncles black lab named Oreo. She would smile and laugh whenever she saw him. Later on in the day my uncle was throwing the ball with Oreo and Chloe thought it was the funniest thing. Ever. She literally laughed hysterically every time this dog would fetch the ball. This went on for about 25 minutes. We all were laughing along because it was so funny. It was the best sound ever, hearing her laugh like that!

Up next: Part 2 of our trip, the Atlanta Zoo! 

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