Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Road Trip South: The Atlanta Zoo

Sunday was our last full day of the trip and we spent it at The Atlanta Zoo with my aunt, my cousin and her two children (one of them is newly adopted!) 
We had such a great time, I think Chloe's favorites were the giraffes and the tigers. 
We rode a carousel, Chloe seemed to enjoy it. It was her first ride ever.
I can't wait to bring her back to a zoo when she is a little older, she really had a great time now, I can't wait for when she can really interact and enjoy the animals even more!
 It was really a great day with family, I didn't want it to end! 

After the zoo we drove about 2 hours north and spend the night in Greenville. We wanted to break up the driving some for Chloe so she wouldn't have to be in the car too long at once. The next day we packed up the car again, and headed home. We did stop at the outlets though, which is always fun. Overall it was such a great time and it makes me so thankful for good family. 

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