Monday, November 9, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End

So I am definitely one of those people who always orders the same things at the same restaurants. Sunday afternoon was no exception as I sat down in Baker's Crust in Short Pump.  I couldn't wait to eat the goat cheese. Honestly, that is why I wanted to go there, it is that good. I guess I should say it was that good. To my disappointment, it is no longer on the menu. I couldn't believe it! Why would they take it away? They replaced it with a similar appetizer, goat cheese spread and hummus. It was definitely not the same. Not even half as good as the original. The original came in a warm olive oil with garlic and shallots. This came in a bread bowl. Ugh, I am obviously still not over it.

This got me thinking. Why do companies and restaurants replace things or stop making them altogether? For instance, I remember the bread sticks at Wendy's. They haven't been there since I was in high school, so that's at least seven years. But they were so good, me and my friend Karen used to go there just for those bread sticks. When they stopped I remember the person working told me that according to a survey people preferred more toppings on their salads than a bread stick. I still wonder why they couldn't have offered more toppings and the break stick too. Why did the break stick have to cease to exist just because there were more toppings? Today I was babysitting and the little girl had American Girl dolls. I did when I was her age too, I loved them so much. I told her how I had Samantha and Kirsten. She said "oh, they don't make them anymore". I couldn't believe it! They were my favorites. I wonder why Pleasant Company stopped making them. Why did Honda stop making the Prelude? That was my dream car for so long. Why did Callaway stop making the women's gem starter set? (Although this just happened so I am hoping I can still get them.)

I guess the cliche all good things must come to an end really is true. That leaves me with two questions: One, what is your favorite thing that no longer is made? Two, do you know where I can find some good goat cheese?


rachel said...

oh you make me laugh! ( : i think the companies do it to create hysteria so that you will buy their product before it goes away... grrrr!

i used to love the jeans from american eagle and they don't make 'em like they used to! now i pay a million dollars to have nice jeans!

i say we make our own goat cheese app! ( :

Lori said...

YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! an entire blog about food!!! you're my kind of girl

Karen Leigh said...

I still remember those breadsticks!!! They were soo good! At least you can still get extra fudge on your hot fudge sundae at mcdonalds! hehe As for the american girl dolls, my neighbor has informed me of the same thing...they "retire" the older ones each year and then add a new one. Rachel is's to create histeria! I cant even name how many times that has happened to me. Glad you have a blog! I do too...but I always forget to do it.