Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree

Me and Clarke got our first Christmas tree on Friday. I had been looking forward to picking it out and putting it up for awhile now, as it is our first tree as a married couple. I had thoughts of how fun it would be and how great it would look, well its up and it looks great, but the process was not fun. Let me explain:

We brought our stand with us to pick it out, to make sure that it fit in the stand properly. We live in an apartment, so we don't have hedge clippers or saws or anything like that to cut it ourselves. So, we picked out the tree and asked them to cut it to fit the stand. When we got it back to our place we tried to put it in the stand, well it didn't fit. The people did an awful job of making sure it would fit. I was so frustrated. We went to my mom's and borrowed the clippers and a saw, went back to our place and finally got it to fit. Here is Clarke right after:

We were so excited to get it up. Next was the lights. We plugged them in to make sure that they all worked. Why wouldn't they though? I bought them brand new last year right after Christmas. Well, they didn't. One whole strand was out. After checking and rechecking each individual light I couldn't get it to work. We gave up and went to Wal-Mart to buy new lights.

Finally, the tree was done. Putting on the ornaments was really fun after we got past the many frustrations. The tree looks great now, and I love seeing all of our ornaments hanging on it. It is a great showcase of ornaments of both of ours from our childhood, from places we have been together (we started that tradition this year) and from important events that have happened this year (mainly our wedding and Betty). Here it is all done and lit up:

And of course Betty loves it too. She sits under it looking like a little present. So cute. Here she is:

We will always remember putting up our first tree. I am so glad that it is done though, and now we can just enjoy it together.

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