Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hanover High

It was a month ago that I finished student teaching. I can't believe it has been that long. For the longest time I would count down how long it would be till I started, it always seemed so far away. As I look back I was truly blessed at this placement. Cindy, my cooperative teacher was the best. She has been teaching for almost thirty years and she shared all of her wisdom about art and teaching with me everyday. It was very different from my first placement. That one was so rough and at the end it left me wondering if teaching is what I really wanted to do. Of course hind sight is everything because when I look back on that placement I can see how much I learned from it, especially about classroom management and perseverance. Hanover High School was a great experience for me and at the end it confirmed that teaching was my calling. On the last day they had a party for me with a cake, I don't know why but that meant so much to me. Below are some pictures of student's work from my classes. :)

Amanda's pen and ink. She did stippling, it's all tiny dots.

Kathyrn's clay vessel. Inspired from Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum.

Courtney's linoleum block print.

Brianna's value drawing.

Meghan's clay vessel. Inspired from the Bird's Nest in Bejing.

Oh I miss all of these students so much! I can't wait till I have a classroom of my own and don't have to leave them after only two months.

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