Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Betty

Today is my baby's birthday. She is turning one, she is technically no longer a kitten!
I guess we will start buying cat food, instead of kitten food!
Since we got her last summer she has really become a part of our little family. Even Clarke loves her as much as me, which is saying a lot because he was always more of a dog person.
Her personality is different than any other cat I have known. She loves table food, so much that she will jump on the table while we are eating, grab a piece of meat and run off with it! She also loves my hair ties. They are without a doubt her favorite toy!
She is so grateful to be here with us. We always say she is such a thankful cat. I think because before we adopted her she was wild, and then when the rescue people found her she lived in a garage with a bunch of other cats.
I still can't believe she is one. Happy Birthday Betty!!

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