Friday, June 18, 2010

Proposal Story

Today over at Kelly's Korner is show us your life, your proposal story. I just had to play along!
Right after Clarke proposed.
I knew Clarke was going to propose sometime soon, but I wasn't sure of when exactly it would happen. So on May 9, 2008 Clarke picked me up to go out to dinner. We were celebrating because I had just gotten into The University of Richmond's teacher licensure program. On the way to his house (I forget why we were going there) he said he thought something was wrong with his car, it was going to the right. Finally, we were in front of his mailbox and he stopped the car. He asked me to get out and help him check his car. I am thinking "why does he want me to check his car, I know absolutely nothing about cars!" But, I got out and he took me over to the mailbox, where we had our first kiss ever. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes.
His family knew and were taking pictures from the window of their house. I was so happy to have pictures of this moment!
After we told everyone we went to Hondo's for a yummy steak dinner. It is one of our favorite restauraunts.  One of my friends knew we where going there and decorated our car while we were eating. I loved it!
It was such a great day and I thought he did a good job of being creative.


Pixel Perfect said...

What a sweet proposal. I love that you have pictures of your moment.

prashant said...

I love that you have pictures of your moment.
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