Monday, October 17, 2011

Brain Dump

I feel like I need to update this blog, I've been slacking on it! So much has been going on, I'm just going to dump it all out, so here goes....

~I spent last week making centerpieces and nametags for the annual women's retreat at my church. So mad I didn't get a chance to take pictures. The nametags turned out great, I thought the centerpieces weren't big enough for the tables, oh well. The retreat itself was wonderful. I stayed up till almost 2am chatting with a good friend who I roomed with. I haven't been up that late in a long time, I know I'm lame, haha. But it was a really nice time.

~I have loved coaching gymnastics at my new part time job. This afternoon I was showing them how to do something on the trampoline, and it's just so much fun. They have a really nice inground tramp at the gym, and it's so much fun to jump on, makes me feel like a kid again. But besides just getting to jump on the tramp I love seeing the children improve their skills, even better do something for the first time. Last week a girl got her backbend kickover for the first time and I loved seeing her face and sharing in that with her.

~I had such a bad cold last week, so my running had to take a break. I hated not being able to run. I also didn't run Saturday morning because I was at the retreat, it felt sooo weird. I did run on Sunday morning with the pink team, luckily I have friends on that team. Here's a pic:
I love how we have an official MTT photographer to take pics of us on our training runs!

~On that same page I can't believe the 20 miler is this weekend!! I remember going to the informational meeting about the training team back in April and them talking about this run. I wrote it on my calendar then, but it always seemed so far away. I feel ready though. It just feels surreal mostly because this is the last long run before the real thing. Wow.

~I've decided I'm going to run The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I've also decided I want to run the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in March. I just need a race to train for to keep running, so I'm hoping this half in March will keep me going! Some other team members and friends have said they want to run it too, so it should be fun.

~Okay, so half this post was about running! I guess it's just on the front of my mind with the marathon coming up so soon!! Goodnight ya'll!


Rachel said...

I am not a runner at all, but I have only heard great thing about the Shamrock Half in VB. I know tons of people who did it every year, and I hear you get free beer after the race if that matters to you!

momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

I'm already registered for Shamrock - there will be a HUGE number of RVA runners going, if you're not going with a posse already, let me know and we'll connect for a pre-race huddle and post-race breakfast.