Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear 18 Miles

Dear 18 mile run,  
    You were awesome. Really, I couldn't have asked for a better run or better weather. I absolutely loved running across that bridge to Belle Isle. And running along the James River was amazing. I thought once I reached 13 or 14 miles I would be so tired, and not enjoy you anymore, but that wasn't the case. I rocked it out. In fact I caught up to others in my group on Monument Avenue, my coach turned around and said "wow where did u come from?" It was great. I told him about how it was about a year ago that I started running. How I just loved it, got bitten by the bug and now I'm hooked. Others on my team told me how they thought I had improved so much, it was so encouraging. So 18 miles, thanks for making me feel like a rockstar. Really, I got such a high from you. As I ran into the stadium I thanked God for you. Thanked God that I was healthy, had legs that worked, and I was able to run. Thank you 18 mile run for being so great to me! I hope the marathon is just as good to me.