Thursday, October 6, 2011

dear training.......

My head coach posted this quote onto our facebook group recently and I just loved it.
From Running to YOU:
 You might hate me. You might think I'm totally unreasonable. You might even curse me under your breath, when you think I'm not listening (I'm listening). But what you need to hear is this - I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe what is great is ahead of you. And even though you might not thank me, that's okay. I'm not it for the glory. I'm in it for you.
Isn't it true? Sometimes I wonder what did I get myself into? But I always come back to being happy with my choice to train for a marathon. Why? Because it's been an amazing journey. The tough runs have made the good ones even better. The times when I push myself to keep going have made the finish even sweeter. Every time I look back and see how far I've come I am amazed. Every. Time.
I recently saw this quote in the gym where I teach gymnastics after school. "Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." ~William Feather
I had to write it down because it reminded me so much of my training. My team started with 90 runners. Last week my coach announced that only 50 were left, and I think it's even less than that because some people we haven't seen in weeks. So that's at least half of my team is gone. That is why I love that quote, because I have hanged on after others have given up.

Training has taught me that I am capable. I am tough. It has taught me to stick with something, even when it's hard. It parallels real life as well. It has built character in me that transcends running alone. Training for a marathon is hard work. But it's SO worth it, at least in my opinion. And I haven't even run the marathon yet. So training, thank you for all you have already done for me.

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