Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome February! It's hard to believe you are already here!!

I'm excited about Valentine's Day. We don't make a huge deal about it or anything but it's a fun holiday. Especially working in an elementary school with all the fun decorations.
Oh yeah, and Valentine's Day candy!

I'm excited about going to see The Lion King on Broadway at The Landmark Theatre. This was our Chrstmas gift to our moms and we're really excited about taking them.
I can't believe it's the last full month of winter. Although, it hasn't felt like winter here lately. I am ready for spring to come!

I'm excited to get to know my new students better. While I already know most of them from being in and out of their classrooms throughout the year, I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

I can't believe we are already a full month into 2012. Hoping this will be a great month!

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BARBIE said...

I love Valentine candy, especially Dove chocolate hearts! Enjoy the Lion King!