Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012 and Flying Out

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter with our families before flying out to Seattle.
We all went over to my mom's after church, even Clarke's family. It was really nice. And of course there was lots of food!
This layered salad is my favorite thing my mom makes for Easter. Isn't it so pretty? I didn't want to eat it at first because it looked so nice, but it was so good.
We had a bunch of desserts, all were amazing. It was probably good that we had to leave to catch our flight, or I would have ate all afternoon!
The flight out wasn't bad at all. No delays, or lost baggage. We arrived at 9pm, but it felt like 12pm to us because of the time change. We picked up the rental car at the airport and then we were so tired and ready to crash.
Clarke snapped this photo once we got to the room. Our hotel was great. We stayed at the Executive Hotel Pacific which I picked mainly because of the location. It was right in the middle of everything, so we could walk and not worry about parking. After settling in we went right to bed.

Up tomorrow: our day in Seattle!

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