Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Day on the West Coast

Our last day on the coast was bittersweet. I remember us being so sad our trip was over. We kept saying "I can't believe it's already Saturday, and we're flying home tonight." We absolutely loved this trip and it will always mean so much to us as a married couple. The memories are truly priceless and the time of us just enjoying each other and the beautiful scenery is something I will always cherish. Okay, enough sentimental stuff and on with the recap!
We packed up Saturday morning and got a quick breakfast at McDonald's. Haha, I know such a great restaurant, but we wanted to get on the road and here's a secret, I really do love McDonald's breakfast. Then we stopped at an outlook and took this fun picture. This was our last view of the Oregon coast, sigh. I must say the self timer worked great on our new camera this time, which is exciting. I will def. be framing this one. We headed east towards Hillsboro, a different way than we came down because Clarke has a cousin who lives there. Luckily it worked out that we both got to meet him for the first time.
They had this cute message waiting for us. After meeting all their pets (one a very lovable cat!) and chatting we went into Portland (about 25 minutes away). We had lunch at a little Irish pub called Kells.  It was really good, and they had the best chocolate cake.
Afterwards we got to explore some of Portland. It was really nice weather so we walked along the riverfront.
Took a picture for Clarke's mom. This is his cousin, Tom and his wife, Nancy. Since they live so far away Clarke had never met Tom, so we were happy we got to meet them and enjoy the afternoon together.
I snapped this picture of Portland as we left Oregon in the car. We drove about 3 hours north to the airport, dropped off our rental car and went back to the airport. I know I already said it but we really didn't want to leave, we just had the best trip!

I wish I could say the flight home was uneventful, but unfortunately I got sick. It was an overnight flight and I think I was just overtired and there was turbulence and I threw up everywhere. I was so happy when we finally got home!

But, I will always remember this trip with fond memories. We really loved Seattle and the Oregon coast, and I hope we make it back some day!!

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