Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day and Sailabration 2012

I must say this is my first attempt at writing a post from my iPhone, so we'll see how that goes!

This past weekend I went up to Baltimore to celebrate father's day with my dad. It was also the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812, so they had a "Sailabration". There were ships from all around the world in the harbor, we even got to tour some of them. They also had an air show with the Navy's Blue Angels.

It was such a beautiful day!! The harbor was so crowded, but we def. enjoyed seeing everything!
This was on a ship from Columbia, looking up.
More details of the ship.
View from the harbor. It really was a pretty day.
This is a view from my dad's place. He lives on the 27th floor, so we could see everything!
We also watched the airshow, by theNavy Blue Angels from my dad's place. This was the best picture I could get, but the show was really good!

I had a great weekend celebrating Father's day and the "Sailabration".

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