Monday, December 17, 2012

Visiting Santa

This past weekend we took Chloe to see The Legendary Santa at The Children's Museum. This is the same Santa that Clarke went to see when he was a little boy. The Legendary Santa of Richmond is definitely a big deal for his family, so we couldn't wait to take Chloe!

Both grandmas and Aunt Melanie came as well. 
I must say she did such a great job. I figured she would sleep through the whole picture, but she woke up right before. Then I got afraid she was gonna get fussy because it was almost time for her to eat, but she didn't. She looks so tiny compared to Santa, I love it!
Love this family photo we got right after. 
Clarke snapped this photo when we got home, everyone was tired from a fun day. This is definitely going to be a Christmas family tradition for us! 

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