Thursday, August 15, 2013

Less is More

When I was in middle and high school one of my best friend's mom had this quote on her refrigerator, "less is more". I don't know why but we always thought it was so funny. My group of friends would always quote it and laugh about it frequently. It really was and still is such a funny joke to us. 

When I was in college I studied Interior Design. When we were studying Mies van der Rohe,  I learned that he was the original author of this quote, specifically when he was talking about his design philosophy. He was always, and still is, one of my favorite designers. I learned that yes, less actually could be more, the simple clean lines of mid century modern furniture and architecture were so much more appealing to me than the curvy, overly decorated victorian style that was the norm at that period in history.

I still hear less is more, and I whole heartedly agree. As Americans we are told "bigger is better" and "you need to buy this to be happy". We have bought into this notion that more earthly possessions and a big house to fill them with will make us happy. If we could only have what the jones' have then we would be content. 

I guess I am blogging about this because while looking for a new home it is so easy to get caught up in that. I constantly remind myself that less can be more. I really do believe that too. It's funny because I keep reading blog posts about it, like this one and this one. God is really teaching me this lesson.

I must say it is freeing. When we moved here I couldn't believe how much stuff we had. Our house in Virginia wasn't big, almost 1400 sq ft. So I guess it never seemed like we had a lot of things, and if you know me in real life you know how much I hate clutter! But, once everything was taken out of the closets, cabinets, and shed it's amazing how much we really had. We got rid of lots of things we no longer needed or wanted. It was freeing to give them away, hoping somebody else would find enjoyment and use for them.

I really want a home that is filled with love and laughter. I know that sounds so cliche, but really my family is what makes me the happiest. The things that fill my home really don't matter, and the size of it is even less important. If only my friend's mom knew I was still talking about how less is more. I guess that's why she had it posted in plain sight like that. I think we could all use that reminder daily. Less really is more. 

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