Monday, August 12, 2013


Since moving to Winston-Salem we have really hit the "refresh button" for our lives. It's almost like we are starting over. Maybe that in conjunction with almost being 30 has made me see things in such a new light. 

Take this house hunting thing for example. When we started looking back in April we thought we would end up in your typical suburban neighborhood. That's where we lived in Richmond, where we both grew up, and we both loved it. The more we looked the more the country looked appealing. Not too far out, but just enough so you can feel the peacefulness of it. As I mentioned earlier we had a contract on a cute yellow house, that fell through last week. The major repairs wouldn't be done before closing and we just didn't feel comfortable buying a house with such extensive amount of damage. We just felt like God was saying this isn't for you.

So once again we are hitting the refresh button and starting over again. We are really open to anything, almost anywhere. Yesterday we looked at some open houses in the cutest historical neighborhood of Ardmore. These houses were built in the 30s and 40s and are absolutely nothing like either of us has lived in (well except for me in college). 

With turning 30 around the corner I find myself looking back and seeing how much I have grown. All the different experiences I am so thankful for. I've done things my high school self would have never done. I've done things my college self would have never done. So I keep that in mind with starting this life here in North Carolina. Sometimes different is good. My high school self would have never run a marathon or worked with special needs children. My college self would have never picked up and moved to a new state with a 7 month old. But those things have been so good for me.

We are open to anything now. Hitting the refresh button once again and seeing where God takes us this time. 

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