Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Time

"You are very Richmond if you are hoping heaven is a cross between the Jefferson Hotel and the Bizarre Bazaar." ~Style Weekly

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Bizarre Bazaar. It became a tradition three years ago when she took me for the first time. It has been rated as one of the top five craft shows in the nation, and it should be because it is amazing. It took us half an hour to get it in, waiting in line to buy our tickets. It was worth it though. We now know where all the good vendors are and which ones we have to go to. After 6 hours of shopping we were done. I left with these beautiful red glitter Christmas trees:

Also, this cute little reindeer:

And some much needed mistletoe:

Afterwards Clarke and I went to the Grand Illumination at the James Center. It was the first time we had gone, and they were making a big to do about it here in Richmond. It was really neat though, to see downtown become lighted up all at once. The reindeer were beautiful as always. Here are some pics:

I am really enjoying all the Christmas things going on here in Richmond. On a side note I was suppose to go to Baltimore this weekend to visit my dad. He has the swine flu and is really sick. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks!

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