Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wallop

Here I am sitting in my family room looking out the window at a foot of snow! A foot of snow in Virgina! I was suppose to go to work today, but decided risking my life wasn't worth it. I had to work last night and when I got off at 8 it took me 35 minutes to get home (It normally takes me 15). There were a bunch of cars stuck in the highway, just sitting there. The snow is still coming down right now, it is so pretty!

Betty is freaking out, she won't stop meowing. I think she is so confused about what all this white stuff is outside. It is her first snow!!

This just in: a blizzard warning!

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Pixel Perfect said...

Hi there! I'm blog hopping! Look at all that snow! I hardly ever see snow around here! It's beautiful!