Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nester Christmas Tour of Homes

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

I thought this was the cutest idea when I saw it on a recent blog. Click on the image above to see a huge list of other people's homes decorated for Christmas. Below is mine, enjoy!

This is out first Christmas being married and living together. So, we don't have many Christmas decorations, but I love all the ones we have so far.

When you walk in the first thing you see is our tree. I love how it looks all lighted up.

This is my favorite part besides our tree. It is the "mantle". I really wish we had a real mantle to decorate, but we don't have a fireplace, so I decided this still would have to do for now.

I put our Christmas cards on it, and some decorations I bought at the Bizarre Bazzaar this year. I absolutely love our stockings. I bought them at Target with the thought of adding our momograms to them. My friend Rebecca from church, who owns Mimsy's Sister, added the red ribbon and our momograms. I LOVE how they turned out! Here is a detail:

I thought our kitchen needed some Christmas cheer so I hung these ornaments from the top of the stove. So far Betty hasn't knocked any down.

This is a little tree I have had since I can remember. It used to be in my bedroom growing up, now it sits on the bar.

This is the centerpiece for our table. It changes with the seasons. For summer I had seaglass and seashells in in it, for the fall I had little pumpkins and squash, now it has a wintery mix from Pottery Barn.

Last but not least, these glass christmas trees sit on our bookcase in the family room. I filled them with the same ornaments that were in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed all the decorations. I know I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's at The Nester.


Bonita said...

So pretty! My favorite is the decorations above the stove. Too cute! I think we have the same stove, by the way. Merry Christmas!

Muthering Heights said...

I like your stockings - they look so classy!

Candise said...

So cute!!!! I remember our first Christmas, we had a charlie brown tree-for real! Not many ornaments...I've made a point to add a few extras every year so it doesn't look so bare! Your blog looks GREAT by the way!