Sunday, December 26, 2010

27...looking back on 26

Today was my 27th birthday!

It was filled with lots of family and friends. I feel so blessed to have so many people who care about me.

Birthdays always make me reminisce about the past year. My 26th year was a big one. Here is a look back at it............

26, You brought........
(in no particular order)

A new home for my family.

Travels to lots of fun places.

Lots of time spent scrapbooking.

My first snow day from school as an employee.

More involvement in my church.

A new job working with some amazing children.

Great times spent with my hubby, enjoying being married.

A new group of friends.

Improvement in my golf game.

Lots of quality time with family and friends who are dear to me.

A new habit, running.

Time spent snuggling and playing with Betty.

A full year of memories on this blog.

Starting the tradition of our girl's beach trip to the Outer Banks.

Countless hours painting our house.

Having lots of trick or treaters at our house.

Becoming a Sunday school teacher at my church.

Seeing one of my favorite artists speak.

An appreciation for the season of life I am currently in.

Learning how to be a good host by having two parties and one big get together.

New recipes to try and enjoy.

Sharing childhood memories and having fun at Disney World with hubby.

Hope 27 is as good as 26!!