Friday, May 7, 2010

Future Children's Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Today over at Kelly's Korner it is Future Children's Names. I just had to participate!

For the longest time I have loved the girl's name:
 Olivia Mae
I don't know why but I do. Me and my husband have talked about it and have decided on it for awhile now.

But, recently I have started thinking about a different name for a girl:
Nina Mae
This was my paternal grandmother's name. Pronounced Nine-ah. She was such a strong influence in my life and I loved her so much. I would love to name my future daughter after her.

So with that said if I was lucky enough to have two girls I thought about naming the second one:
Olivia Grace
Love it, I hope I have 2 girls.

For a boy's name I have always loved the name:
Lucas Fitzhugh
We would call him Luke. Fitzhugh is a family name on Clarke's side. Both his dad's and grandfather's middle names are Fitzhugh, as well as his. He would be the 4th Fitzhugh!

To play along, visit Kelly's Korner.

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olivia grace is beautiful.