Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend and Getting Old

This weekend we went down to Georgia for my cousin's high school graduation.

Me and Clarke Before.

I had a blast. We didn't do much of anything, just spent a lot of time with my family. But, I love my extended family, all my aunts and uncles and cousins and my last grandparent alive, my grandpa.

My cousin Sara and her family and my mom's brother and his family live about an hour west of Atlanta. It is beautiful, out in the country with the rolling hills, or mountains as Sara calls them.

Clarke got to play with Hunter (Sara's son) a lot. He loved it.

As I said earlier the reason for this trip was to go to my cousin Anthony's high school graduation. This is the part that made me feel old.

I couldn't believe it when my mom told me that Anthony was graduating from high school. I remember when he was born. He is the first baby that I clearly remember holding and it seems like yesterday. For some reason I always think of him as being in middle school still.

Then to see my other "baby" cousins: Justin is driving, he got his learner's permit and Gabrielle will be in middle school next year! I couldn't believe how much they have grown since my wedding.

It was the weirdest thing, it was the first event in my life that really made me realize how fast time goes by. My baby cousins are not babies anymore.

But, as I reflect upon my life (and I had plenty of time on the 9 hour car ride home) I am happy with where I am. Is my life perfect? No, it's not. And yes there are things I would change if I could. But, I am happy and know that I am blessed. I have accomplished a lot in my 26 years here and have overcome a lot too.

When the graduation was over my cousin Sara looked at me and said "our baby cousin just graduated from high school!" I looked back and said "yep, I can't believe it."

I still can't believe how fast time goes by. But, it makes me thankful for everything I have done and experienced. It makes me excited about the future.

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