Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Plans

I have finally finalized most of our summer trips and vacations! I am so excited!

For our big family vacation we are going to Disney World. Clarke has never been, I am so excited to get to go with him for his first time. Growing up we would go to Disney all the time, we had season passes. (My family also lived in Florida, so that helped.) Disney holds so many great childhood memories for me.
Dumbo ride with dad and Chris!
Me with my brothers. I think the sun is in my eyes!

We are also going to the Outer Banks with my friends for a long weekend! I am especially excited about this. It's hard for all of us to coordinate all our different schedules, so the fact that all of my favorite friends will be there is so great. I can't wait.

I am hoping to make it up to Baltimore to visit dad and go to an Orioles game and a camping trip as well. I am sooo ready!!

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