Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I am sad this weekend is over! It was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fun.

Friday night we went to a drive in movie theatre with a bunch of friends. It was so neat to sit under the stars and watch two movies. Plus, it's a great deal.

Saturday we played golf.
Despite the heat, it was really fun.

We were suppose to go camping Saturday night. But, the forcast called for rain and we didn't want to chance it. So instead we went to a party with Clarke's family.
They live right on the Rivannah river.
It was beautiful.

Sunday we went to church and then shopping for a bit. I also got to eat dinner with a friend from college. It was so great to catch up.

Well, that's all about my weekend. Not too exciting, but fun none the less.

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