Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day and My New Classroom

So I was gonna post yesterday about my first day of school, but I was so exhausted. I can't believe how much those kiddies wear me out! But, my first day was great, and today was good too.

A bit about my classroom:
First off my kids are so sweet. Most of them are in wheelchairs. I am still unsure about their specific disorders, I feel like I have so much to learn.

The teachers that I am working with are very nice as well. I think that is gonna make a huge difference because I am with them all day.

We work with a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech and vision person, and other teachers. There is always someone coming in and out of our classroom.

It breaks my heart, sometimes, to see these children struggling with things I take for granted. Things like walking, or chewing or expressing myself. It makes me sad. But there are the littlest things that they love, that makes them so happy, things like something soft or getting off the bus in the morning, or music or swinging. And that makes me so happy, things most children wouldn't even think twice about.

I think it's gonna be a bit more challenging than I first anticipated, but I know I am helping these children that desperately need it, and that makes all the difference. I slept so good last night, from being so tired, but I think also because I know I am in the right place, doing something good and much needed.

Well I am off to get ready for small group. We are meeting at my house tonight.

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