Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2

Just finished week 2 of my new job. Still liking it, that's the main thing. But, I am exhausted. The good kind though. The kind where you come home and know you not only worked really hard, but did something good. Did something to make a child laugh or feel good about themselves. Took care of someone who really needed it, and did it with kindness.

I love my kids. All of them are soo different, and I am enjoying getting to know them. They make me smile. The littlest things make them happy. Like "the wheels on the bus" or coloring, one on one time, eating or holding them a certain way.

They all have their own challenges as well. Kicking, sitting up straight, seizures, understanding, eating or being calm. They need a lot of help, but most of the time they are grateful for it.

Most of my students have genetic disorders. They have an extra chromosome, or are missing one, or it's not in the right spot. That one little chromosome makes such a difference, I never knew. Two of my students are undiagnosed. That kinda made me mad. How can they not know what is causing this? Some of their disorders are so rare, I have done a lot of research about them. It's very interesting to me.
I think the highlight of my week was taking a student to art. It is both of our favorites. (All of them have regular classrooms they are apart of and go to one of their extra classes like music or art depending which they like the best) We had such a great time and I just loved helping her. She is so sweet, and gave me a "hey teachy" which always makes my day. (She doesn't say much, so when she looks at you and tells you hello, it's a really big deal.)

I am looking forward to taking another student to the pumpkin patch. She is adorable, I can't even describe how cute she is. She does the cutest hand gestures, and her mom dresses her in the cutest dresses with big bows. She is in kindergarten and will be going on the kindergarten field trip in October. I get to go with her. I can't wait, I know she is gonna love it.

Oh yeah, I have a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. It is really getting on my nerves. I hate being sick and it makes my job so much harder than it should be. I think my body is just getting used to this new schedule and new germs. I am hoping it goes away before Monday.

I am really enjoying working with the nurses, physical therapist and occupational therapist. A long time ago in college those were both my majors at one point, so it suites me well.

So besides not feeling 100 percent, I am still happy about my new job. Glad to be at Echo Lake and happy for the chance to love on my kids everyday.

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