Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colorado: Part 1: Getting There and First Day!

Sorry for my absence here, we have been out west in Colorado having wonderful adventures and enjoying the beautiful state! We had such a great time, I can't wait to share it here. I'll start with getting there (which was an adventure in itself) and our first day.
Clarke in the Richmond Airport.

We left Thursday afternoon, my in-laws picked me up from our house and we headed to get my husband at his work, then head straight to the airport. I had been praying for our flight. I have the worse luck with air travel. My flight is always delayed, they loose my bags, or someone brings a knife on the plane and we miss our connecting flight (and it's our honeymoon, but I digress.) So, I had prayed for a safe and on time flight. And I was so happy when we arrived in the Denver airport, on time and with no complications! But, I forgot to pray about the weather. And we were headed to Vail, Colorado, where my cousin lives. Vail is about 2 hours west of Denver, and up in the mountains. Where it snows. A lot. And that night it was coming down.

I called my cousin who was suppose to pick us up at the airport, and she was stuck in the mountains, and we were stuck in Denver. The roads were closed, so we would have to spend the night in Denver. It was 1 in the morning, but really 3am to us, because of the time change. Luckily we found a hotel room, and got some rest. The next morning it was still snowing, and my cousin didn't feel comfortable driving (she is from Florida.) So we took the Colorado Mountain Express up.
On the ride up to Vail.

We finally arrived at our destination almost 24 hours after we left. We were so happy to finally be there, and it was sooooo beautiful there. Vail's elevation is 8,150 at the base and almost 12,000 at the top. We could defenitley feel the altitude change.
We walked around Vail Village, which is a really cute ski town. All the shops and restaurants are around the slopes and skiers are everywhere.
Me and my cousin, Amanda. It had been over a year since I last saw her, so it was great to catch up.
The mountains made a beautiful backdrop and most of the buildings had european architecture. I loved it.
Us by a firepit, with the Eagle River in the background. My pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it was up there. Colorado is defenitley one of my favorite states!
One last picture of the town. Lovely!

Up next: snowshoeing and snowtubing!

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