Friday, March 11, 2011

Colorado: Part 4: Downtown Denver

Sorry if I have been boring you with all these posts about our recent travels. I really want to "scrapbook" our memories, and blogging is such a great way to do that. But, this is my last post about Colorado.

Sunday night we heard a big snowstorm was coming in and we were afraid of  getting stuck up in the mountains. So we decided to head down that night instead of waiting till Monday morning as originally planned. It ended up working out great because we had plenty of time on Monday to explore downtown Denver before catching out flight later that afternoon.
We loved this over sized bear at the convention center. (Especially since that is our nickname for each other.) The main reason why I wanted to go explore the city was because of their art museum.
The Denver Art Museum is amazing! The extension was designed by Daniel Libeskind, who is my favorite living architect. I know, most of ya'll probably don't care about this, but as a former design student I have always dreamed of seeing one of his building in real life.
As soon as we walked up I recognized it from the pictures. Same as the buildings in NYC I recently visited, it seemed much smaller than in the all the pictures. It was still amazing, especially all the details.
 Directly across the street from the museum were these condos, also designed by Daniel Libeskind. I would love to live here.
On the other side of the street is the Denver Public Library, designed by Michael Graves. You should recognize that name, he is the architect who has designed all that cool stuff for Target. We own his toaster!

After seeing all the amazing buildings I was a happy girl. We decided to go eat lunch at Bubba Gump. Clarke had never eaten at one before, and it was really good.
We rented a car for the day because we thought it would be easier and cheaper than getting taxis everywhere. This was our first rental car ever! A silver Sebring, it was pretty nice, and only cost us $30 for the whole day!

We had an uneventful flight home, and arrived back in Richmond around midnight. Tired but thankful for a great trip.


In Every Season said...

You didn't bore me at all! I loved hearing all about your trip :)

rachel said...

Wow! Denver seems awesome! I can't wait to visit sometime! ( :

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Beautiful pictures!! I so enjoyed reading all 4 parts. CO is definitely on my must see list. We were going to ski this season but decided it probably wasn't the best idea with a broken leg. We definitely want to go next season! CO and UT are at the top of our list right now. Seeing your pics bumped CO up :)