Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colorado: Part 3: Ski Day!

When we decided to go visit my cousin out in Colorado everyone asked us if we would be skiing. But we weren't sure if we wanted to or not. I hadn't skied in ten years, and Clarke had only skied once before and didn't have a good experience. But when we got there and saw all the skiers, and the beautiful mountains, we couldn't resist.
 We were both glad we ended up skiing. It came back to me (like riding a bike, my aunt said) and Clarke was great. In fact we all couldn't believe how great Clarke was, he looked like a "real" skier. I think also the really nice ski pants that he borrowed from a friend helped. But really, I was impressed.
Don't my hands look huge in those gloves? I was wearing two pairs, maybe that's why? For lunch that day we cooked out. They had grills on top of the mountain that you could use for free, so we brought a bunch of hot dogs and ate lunch up there.
Us getting off the chair lift. I love this picture!
This was the last picture of the day. We skied from the very top of the mountain, to the very bottom of the mountain, it was about a mile the whole way. We had such a great time, we are already talking about skiing next season!

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