Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colorado: Part 2: Saturday

We woke up Saturday morning ready to explore more of Vail and get to the top of the mountain. After breakfast we headed to Lionshead Village, which is right next to Vail Village. It's basically another cute area with really neat architecture, cool shops and fun restaurants.
After lunch in town we headed up the gondola to the top of the mountain. And saw this:
Beautiful snow covered mountains. It was gorgeous. We went on a snowshoe hike, which both of us had never done before. It was really hard, but fun.
The snowshoes hooked onto our boots, and it took awhile to get used to. We kept feeling like we were "waddling" up the mountain, because they are so wide. It was great spending more time with my cousin and aunt.
A closer look at my snowshoes. Can you find my feet in there? After the hike, we decided to do something that took less energy, so we headed off to go snowtubing. After some convincing, my aunt agreed to go with us.
Us getting ready to head back up for another run. The tubing park was really cool, they had a covered lift that took you up to the top. I guess it made it a little bit warmer. They also let you hook yourself to each other, so the three of us hooked our tubes on each other, and we went a lot faster. I had forgotten how much fun snowtubing was. Afterwards, we got ready for dinner at The Swiss Chalet Restaurant.
It was a fondue place, and it was soooo good. I love fondue, we had Swiss cheese, lots of meats, and of course, chocolate! Yum. After dinner we crashed, we were so tired and wanted to get plently of rest for the next day: skiing!

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