Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Reunion

So my mom told me about this family reunion a couple weeks before it actually happened. At first I wasn't going to go so last minute, but then I thought about it and decided I should go.
My grandpa (in the bright blue shirt) had 7 brothers and 1 sister growing up. Two have passed on, but here he is with all his siblings. They grew up on a farm, in a 3 bedroom house, can you imagine being the only girl with 8 brothers?!
I'm so glad I got to go and meet all my grandpa's siblings. They were some of the cutest old men I have ever met!

The Pennsylvania countryside was so beautiful, and the weather was great too. It was in the mid 70s, which felt so cool compared to these hot summer days we've been having here in Richmond. It was such a quick little trip, but overall a great one.

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