Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Blogger

So this past weekend I was out of town (more about that in a post soon). When I finally got around to checking my email I had received one from Ginny, a fellow Marathon Training Team runner who is on the yellow team, asking me to write a guest post on their team's blog. I was so excited! Especially since the girls who write on this blog are amazing runners. Ginny just ran 2 half-marathons, one in San Francisco and one in Providence, RI. She also writes for Richmond Road Runners Magazine.

So head on over to Koolaid for 26.2  to see my guest post about running and fear. Enjoy!

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The Smith Family said...

That's awesome Jenny!! Im just now getting back into running after 2 kids! Loved it in HS and college! What kind of timing/watch/milage tracking watches do you use?