Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Update

Well we survived Hurricane Irene here in Richmond. We were lucky that it didn't destroy any of our house or property. The effects were a rainy half marathon, lots of rain and wind, and of course we lost power. Around 6pm on Saturday we lost it, and spent that night playing cards by lanterns and candlelight. Sunday morning we still didn't have it, but our church did so we still got to go. After lunch we came home to no power, so we took all our food over to the in-laws to keep. I had just gone to Costco and had all this food I really didn't want to go bad. We spent the day over there, then went to my mom's for dinner. We had planned on sleeping over there but then we found out an area near us had recently gotten power, so we drove by to check. Luckily we had power! We were so excited! I still need to pick up all the sticks and leaves in our yard....oops. But other than that I am happy to say life is back to normal here.

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