Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coach Jenny

So yesterday after work I went to a working interview at River City Youth Fitness, a local gym that mainly teaches children gymnastics. It's really funny how it all happened...........

I filled out the application this past Wednesday, had Clarke fax it in on Thursday. When I got home from school on Thursday the owner had called me and left a voicemail. When I called him back he asked if I was free that day at 6:45 for an interview. So I went in, came back Monday and he offered me the job then! I guess I really shouldn't say it was funny, more easy. Which is very rare for me when it comes to job searching.

I'm really excited to have gymnastics be apart of my life again. When I walked into the gym there was something about the smell that reminded me of childhood (is that weird?) I love the age group I will be working with (the little ones) and I can't wait to start on Thursday!

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