Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training Check In

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I feel like I go through cycles when it comes to training for the marathon. There was that first week of training when everything was so new and exciting. There was that first hard month of training when I had to accept that a really good friend of mine who was suppose to be running this with me couldn't (she was injured) and I would be doing this without her. My body seemed sore all the time that first month. There was the high of reaching new distances, and then the really big high of the half marathon.
And now here we are, a little over 2 months before the big race day. And I don't know where I am in that cycle. There's the part of me that can't wait for November 12 to get here. I was in the Lululemon store with my sister-in-law and we were drooling over the things in this store. Oh my gosh, I wanted to buy everything. I decided I am going to treat myself to a new running skirt for the marathon. I can't wait to rock it out as I run my 26.2!
There is the part of me that has realized we only have 4 more big runs before November 12. Only 4. That freaks me out a bit, because the marathon was always something far away, something one day I would do, now with only 4 more big runs left it seems so near.
I can't believe how far I have come. I remember each time I ran a new distance. I couldn't believe I did it. I have absolutely loved the marathon training team. It has become apart of my life. I look for my emails each week, write in my log what I've done, and I never thought I would say this but I have kinds gotten used to waking up so early on Saturdays. What? Who I am? What will I do when it's all over?
So I guess I'm in the part of my training where I appreciate everything. I wanna enjoy the next few months of training, November 12 will be here before I know it!

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