Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend in Nova

Saturday afternoon me and Clarke headed up to Northern Virginia for a weekend I had planned around things he wanted to do. This was his birthday gift from me. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I was still thinking about my run earlier that day when we left and I don't know how I didn't think to pack it!

After checking into our hotel we went to dinner in D.C. There was this Mexican restaurant that Clarke had heard about and wanted to try for some time now. Rosa Mexicano was sooooo good! If you are ever in D.C. you should go, although it was expensive, but really good. We got fresh tableside guacamole, which I have never liked before, but this was amazing.

After dinner we headed to Middleburg, Va. which is about 45 minutes west of D.C. It was really funny because it was straight up country after just being in the big city. But we saw Toby Mac in concert. He is an amazing christian singer, and Clarke has always wanted to see him in concert. We absolutely loved the show, even though since it was an outdoor concert and they had gotten all this rain it was sooo muddy. Luckily we brought shoes just for that reason. Overall it was a great night.

Sunday on the way home we stopped at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Whenever we passed this on 95 going to Baltimore Clarke always wanted to stop by, so this was the last thing I had planned for our little trip. The museum was really neat, and it was free, which is always nice.

It was so nice to getaway, just the two of us. Well, I'm off to bed soon......still dreaming about that guacamole....uummmm.

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Rachel said...

My grandfather is a marine and we visited the museum with him last year. One of my favorite museums. I thought it was so well done!