Monday, September 26, 2011

Runner's High

I feel like for the past 2 months I've been on a runner's high. Tackling miles in hurricanes, heat and humidity. Even though I've had tough runs they have been great overall. I feel like the adrenaline from one run has made me so excited for the next, and I could never get enough.

Well that all ended Saturday morning with the 16 miler. To start it was 100% humidity and drizzling rain. I don't know why but this was the worse run ever. Of my entire life. Not that I've been running for that long (it'll be 1 year in about a month!) But this run was not only tough but hard, brutal actually.

I don't know how to explain it but I feel like other runners can relate. Sometimes it just doesn't feel good, I don't know why. We ran through University of Richmond after about 6 miles, the hills were intense (although the hills on Riverside Drive are intense too, but those didn't seem as bad.) I remember thinking I don't remember U of R having this many hills when I attended. Around mile 10 we passed the house where 3 of my very close friends live, I seriously thought about knocking on their door and asking for a ride home. Somehow we ended up in Carytown, I really couldn't tell ya how that happened. All I know is I looked up and said out loud "Oh we are in Carytown!" and my fellow teammates, including a coach all laughed, because I seemed so out of it. By this point my right foot was killing me. It had been for the last half of this run. Somehow we made it to Lombardy, then Monument and back to the stadium.

I have been icing my right foot, and pray that it's nothing serious, although it feels fine now. I think I am just paranoid. But to get back to the title of this post, runner's high. It feels great when you're on it, and when you're not you long for it. Although I know lots of people who have quit training for the marathon because they have lost it. So where does that leave me?

If I was a quitter I would have taken a ride back to the stadium, but I just couldn't. So I'm not going to let this bad run get me down. It's the same way in life, sometimes things don't work out or become harder than what you expected. If you really care about it then you can't quit. That's where I am now. I want to run this marathon. So part of that is going through the hard runs to get there. And honestly, this run will make the others that much sweeter. It'll make the marathon even better on November 12th. So here's to chasing the runner's high!


rachel said...

When I read your blog I felt like I read my running log from last years 16-miler! It was virtually the same course - Westham - and I ran all 16 miles with several acute stress fractures in the arches on both of my feet (I didn't know it at the time). My advice - get your feet checked out ASAP and get yourself some new shoes. If you're like me, you've probably clocked close to 250-300 miles on your old ones, and need a new pair with extra cushioning to wear on your long runs (you can extend the life of your old & new shoes by wearing the old ones for short runs 5 miles or less). I wore my new shoes for the 18 and 20 milers and the marathon last year.

Also - it's not giving up to have to take a long run off. If you're concerned about losing momentum, volunteer to help with the SAG. I know it's a goal, but first and foremost, you have to take care of yourself to get you to the marathon start. This coming week is a down week... that may mean taking it off, or cutting off a few miles, or running half with your team and half later in the day... it's not (necessarily) giving up - it's knowing your body!

CJW Sports Medicine is awesome. I had stress fractures (no physical therapy available), and Harrison had/has plantar facitis and tendonitis and went through physical therapy at this point last year and made it to the marathon just fine! ( : If the pain persists (especially if it's painful when you're NOT running), get it checked out ASAP! ( :

Okay, I'll stop lecturing.

Just remember, EVERYONE has bad runs... they just make the good ones that much better ( : I'm so glad you shared about it! ( :

momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

Hey~ I'm just seeing this. So listen, but now, hopefully this 16 miler and foot pain is a thing of the past, but if not, go check my blog "The Curse of the 18 miler". Seriously. SERIOUSLY. The worst. run. ever.

And you know what's great about having a bad run during marathon training? Chica - IT"S JUST A TRAINING RUN. It has nothing to do with how things will go on race day.

I should also tell you, I always suck at my first 16 miler of every training plan. Not sure why that is...