Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Betty White and Betty White

So a reader/friend of mine recently told me that I should write a post about why I love Betty White, the actress, as well as more about Betty White, my cat. (She also gave me some other ideas but these two were my faves.) So here I go...........
My love for Betty White began when I started to love The Golden Girls. I was in college (I know, I was so cool right?) But it was when I was really struggling with anxiety, and the humor of this show somehow helped me through that tough time.
I have always loved how much advocacy work Betty White does for animals. So when we got married and knew we wanted to get a kitten we were thinking of names. Clarke jokingly said "if we named her Betty she would be Betty White!" Although it was kinda silly I liked this idea because of all the volunteer work Betty White has done for animals, it seemed fit to name ours after her.
I love my Betty! Since it has gotten colder at nights she has been sleeping with us. Not at our feet, but right by my head. I don't know why she loves that spot, but she does.
I don't really have anything new to write about her. In March she will be three years old! I can't believe we have had her that long! (It will be 3 years in July.) She has defenitley become apart of our little family, and I can't imagine not having her!

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