Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a few of baby's firsts

This past weekend we went up to Baltimore to visit my dad and see an Oriole's game. I made Clarke take a picture of me because I said it was baby's first game. I am sure this baby will be an Oriole's fan because we'll bring him or her to a bunch of games!
I mentioned in my last post about going shopping with my mom on mother's day. We looked at all this cute baby stuff and kept seeing the same toy everywhere. Sophie the Giraffe, seems to be a very popular baby toy, so finally at the third store where we saw it my mom bought it for the baby. So here is baby white's first toy ever!
Then yesterday I saw it here, on this blog post about what's in your diaper bag. Seriously, she is everywhere and I think it's so funny!

Can't wait for many more of baby's firsts!

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hollie marie said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner! Am due with my first on November first!! Many best wishes to you & baby during your pregnancy!