Sunday, May 27, 2012

16 Weeks

How Far Along:
16 weeks today.

Size of Baby:
Baby White is the size of an avocado!

Weight Gain:
Ugh. I haven't gained any weight. From being sick to just a lack of appetite and not being able to eat, what I've gained from the baby I've lost in other places. My doctor said at this point she isn't concerned but I go back in 2 weeks for a weight check and at that point if I haven't gained enough I will go on special supplements. I've never had a problem with not being able to eat, it's so weird to me. I've been trying to eat more smaller meals, hopefully I'll start gaining weight

Maternity Clothes:
Because I haven't gained any weight I still can't fit into any.

We find out in 25 days!!

Nothing yet, I keep trying to feel something, should be soon.

Recently I've been sleeping great.

Here is another area of frustration. When I went to the doctor this past week she saw I was wearing my ankle compression. I told her how I think I had a stress fracture from training for the marathon. It had gone away then randomly about 2 weeks ago it started bothering me again. She said it's because I'm pregnant! I guess the placenta gives off a hormone which loosens up the joints, so old injuries can come back. I couldn't believe it. Since wearing the ankle compression more it has gotten better, so hopefully it will go away again like last time. I don't want physical therapy!

Food Cravings:
Nothing out of the ordinary, just normal things that I always like to eat.

Food Aversions:
Nothing really turns me off.

What I Miss:
Again, I miss running. Doctor said if my ankle was fine I could totally start running again. I am hoping to swim a lot this summer, so hopefully that will help. I did have a dream the other night that I was running, when I woke up for a second I really thought I had been running, then I realized I was just dreaming. Yeah, I'm that addicted to running.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Finding out if baby is a boy or girl. Then the next day I go to the beach for a week, can't wait!

Best Moment This Week:
My 16 week doctor's appointment was good, got to hear baby's heartbeat again. That never gets old!
Snapped this photo like 5 minutes ago when I got back from the pool. Awful lighting, but it shows my belly. 

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