Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pregnancy Catch Up

Happy May!!

I feel like I have so much to catch up on when it comes to being pregnant! I really wanna document everything on this blog, so I'll start from the beginning.
 I was hanging out with a friend and totally joking about how I could be pregnant, and she asked me when I was supposed to get my period. Ever since I trained for and ran the marathon it’s been all over the place, so I wasn’t really sure. I was tracking it on a website so Sunday night I finally remembered to look. It was supposed to come that Friday. I had no clue when I could test, so I googled that, 6 days before. I realized I could test now, but it was way too late at night. So I spent that whole day Monday thinking about this. Finally after school and gymnastics I ran up to Food Lion and called Clarke to tell him I had picked up a pregnancy test and was on my way home. As soon as I got home I took it. I thought for sure it would be negative, we had just started trying. I remember sitting there and just praying for God’s timing and will and then I looked. It was positive!!! I was in shock. Total shock. I was speechless, so I just gave Clarke the test (he was sitting on the couch watching TV.) At first he said “how do I read this?” Then when he saw the little picture on the test and that mine was positive he said “what!!!” I’ll never forget that. We both were in shock and just kept saying this is crazy, crazy in a great way, but crazy. I was so hungry at this point so I made dinner and afterwards I ran up to CVS to buy different brands, to see if the results were the same. I took two more that night, and all came back positive.
This is an awful picture of me, but I had worked 11 hours that day. And I was so happy I didn't care then, ha!
Tuesday morning I took another one, it was positive. Wednesday morning I took my last one, and it was positive too. I knew I had to be pregnant!
I scheduled a doctor apt for that Friday morning, and as time went on I remember thinking “what if I’m not pregnant?” I told Clarke Thursday night “At first I was fine with the test being negative, but now that I’ve had time to really think about what it would be like to really be pregnant and have a baby in November, I’m going to be really disappointed if I’m not.” Waiting for that apt was hard.
It finally came and after what seemed like forever in the waiting room, then waiting for the results the doctor came in saying “we have good news in this room, positive pregnancy test!” I was soooooooooo happy.
That weekend was really great. Telling close friends and family was so much fun. Calling out of town friends and family was really great, although both said “I knew you were gonna say you were pregnant when I saw you were calling!” Haha. Seriously though, since then I have been so overwhelmed with the amount of support and love from everyone in my life. It means so much to me and I will always remember how much me and this baby felt so loved.


Rebecca Pflugradt said...

YAY! Let the pregnancy posts begin! And yes, I totally freaked when I saw you were calling that day :)

Melissa said...

How exciting!! Congrats!