Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 months

Dear Chloe,
Yesterday another month went by and you turned 8 months. Your personality has come out more this month, you are such a happy baby. You love to smile and laugh and interact so much more with us now. One of your new favorites is dogs and cats. I guess you have always loved them, but now you really really love them. You kick your feet and smile and laugh so much whenever you see a dog or cat. It's so cute.

You have developed object permanence. If you are playing with something and I take it away most of the time you get mad. Wrappers and napkins especially, those seem to be your favorites right now. You are sitting up so well too. Every now and then you fall over, but for the most part you sit up on your own extremely well. You still hate being on your tummy, you will push up off your belly, but most of the time you just roll over. You still like to "talk". Your favorites are dadada and yayaya.

You are still a good eater. Sometimes you get mad when it's all gone. You love anything I give you to eat, spinach, peas, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, oatmeal, yogurt, really anything you gobble down. You grab for the spoon sometimes, I think you are getting ready for finger foods. You nurse 4 times a day now.

The biggest milestone for this month has definitely been no more nursing at night! Short after moving you stopped nursing at night. You still wake up a couple times during the night, most of the time if I give you your paci and rub your back you go back down easily. This has been such a big victory! I know you are on your way to sleeping through the night.

Your hair has grown so much recently. It's getting even more fuller and longer. Your eyes are still bright blue. I weighed you at home and you are about 14 pounds, still small and petite. You wear size 3-6 months in most clothes now. Of course you are still so beautiful. Someone recently told me you should be a baby model.

I love you so much sweet girl. It's been a great month, here's to many more!!

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